Courses Offered

PUC I & II Science PCMB & PCMCs. Regular



Integrated Coaching




Crash Courses

(Apart from regular coaching)



Laboratories are well equipped, well designed and highly resourceful. Each student is given adequate time and resources to conduct the experiments. The laboratory staff pays individual attention and the faculty is continuously available for guidance. What is more important is that our labs are not crowded thus enabling us to focus on the performance of each student.

Classrooms are spacious and designed optimally for the best academic experience. `Seeing is believing’ is our underlying philosophy. Each of our classrooms is equipped with audio visual tools so that the students can be offered an animated and visual demonstration of the scientific concepts. Using the best software and applications, the class essentially is exposed to the best videos and demonstration based on the curriculum. This is followed by extensive discussions and problem-solving.

Library at KH Patil PU Science College is a place where students may find anything and everything in sciences and this is not limited only by the curriculum. A library is a place where the curiosity of an inquisitive mind is nurtured and where the horizons of scientific knowledge expand continuously. Apart from a well-stacked repository of thousands of books, the library has a digital library where the students explore newer knowledge and tools of study from best sources on the planet.

Pedagogy and Assessment

The College lays a strong emphasis on discipline and hence has a strict attendance policy. The College conducts weekly tests where the students learn and practice the answers to the most likely questions in the final exams. This would comprise both, objective and essay type answers. The parents will receive the weekly reports on attendance and tests via SMS.
Study hours are as important as the classroom hours and the students study the portions taught in the class under the supervision of teachers who are there to help the students with any difficulties on the spot.

Coaching for competitive examinations

The PU course is the foundation for all the careers the students choose subsequently and hence it is a life changing stage. We at KH Patil PU Science College train the students to succeed in all the competitions. While class room teaching is essentially focused on this, we also offer additional dedicated training for each of the tests like CET, JEE, NEET etc. An extensive question bank is practiced on a daily basis so that no question comes as a surprise to our students in these competitions.

Academic Mentors

One academic mentor is designated for every 30 students to monitor and guide their academic progress. The mentors are on campus guardians of the students who are available to them any time to address doubts and difficulties.
Separate Hostel for Boys and Girls
The College provides hostel for both boys and girls close to the campus. While the on campus boys’ hostel can house upto 150 students, the girl students will be housed in paying guest accommodation run by the institution. Both girls and boys are provided with sumptuous and healthy food at the hostel mess and the college canteen.